Office ‘Pansy’ bow trim sandals

Office 'Pansy' bow trim sandals

Office ‘Pansy’ bow trim sandals, £55

OK, can I just take a quick moment to say how much I’m loving shoes right now? That probably seems like a very obvious statement for a shoe blogger to make, but as I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been finding the shoe world a bit uninspiring for the past year or so, but all of a sudden it seems to have revived itself, and every day brings a new pair of shoes that I LOVE rather than simply liking. Oh, and I also feel a bit like the shoe world has rewound itself to, like, 2011/2, when all of the best shoes were from the likes of Office and Carvela, and therefore there was a possiblility that you might actually be able to buy them,  as opposed to just looking at them.

Which brings me to these Office sandals, which totally bring back the good ol’ days when shoes were pretty rather than “edgy”, and when Birkenstocks were still just something people wore for comfort, not as a fashion statement. Oh, and when everything had a bow on the front: you all know how much I love a good bow, don’t you? Well, these aren’t JUST bows: they’re organza, polkad-dot bows. Doesn’t get much better than that, right? Add in the red and pink upper (a great combination, which has tons of impact, without being too in-your-face), and I think we’re onto a winner. A £55 winner, which, as I said, put s these shoes firmly into the, “Hmm, I could actually own these without having to miss this month’s mortgage repayment” territory. (I LOVE that territory…)

I was hoping these would be available in a few other colour combinations, as Office frequently do, but no such luck this time, although maybe they’ll release some in the future. These will definitely do for now, though, don’t you think?

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  • Stumbled across your blog, can I say how wonderful it is to read about and see a lady who adores sexy gorgeous pretty feminine shoes. Bravo! And I saw these on the Office website – agree with you, they are the nicest shoes for a long long time! Pitty they don’t do them in size 8…

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