Christian Louboutin Demi You Glittered Peep Toes

Christian Louboutin Demi You Glittered Red Sole Pump

Christian Louboutin Demi You Glittered Peep Toes, £467

I thought we’d start the week off with a quick dose of Louboutin loveliness. It’s not quite the pick-me-up it would be if these were arriving on your doorstep rather than your computer screen, obviously, but hopefully the sight of these glittered peep toes will help brighten your Monday morning just a little bit.

These are an excellent example of Christian Louboutin doing what he does best – taking a simple shape, the kind of thing we’ve all seen a million times before, and somehow managing to put his own unique spin on it, to make it even better. I’m a big believer in the “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it” maxim, but while the classic peep-toe design definitely wasn’t “broken”, I do think this shoe has managed to improve on it, making it a little more streamlined and elegant, and, of course, adding that stunning, glittered upper.

The shape of the peep toe itself is key to this shoe: there’s a difference between a peep toe and an open toe, and a lot of the shoes marketed as “peep toes” are actually the latter, with a much wider opening at the toe. A true peep toe, however, should do exactly as the name suggests, and allow just a “peep” of toe to show through the opening. It creates a much more sophisticated shape (or I think so, anyway) than an open-toed sandal, and the low-cut sides and vamp of this shoe also helps add to that effect.

Finally, the half-d’orsay cut shows off the instep and gives the shoe an added dose of sex appeal – not that it really needed it in this case! It’s not exactly a re-invention of the heel (groan!), but it is a very special shoe, all the same!

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