Dorothy Perkins gold t-bar sandals

Dorothy Perkins gold t-bar sandals

Dorothy Perkins gold t-bar sandals, £24.50

One of the great things about Dorothy Perkins’ development in recent years is that, in addition to the brand’s own line (Which is a great source of basics, along with the occasional stand-out piece: I’m wearing a pair of trousers from there as I write this, actually…) they also stock a range of other brands, some of which I might not otherwise have heard of.

These shoes, for instance, are by a brand called Showcase, and they really stood out among the slightly more sensible offerings from Dorothy Perkins own line (that’s not a criticism, by the way…). That little half-platform is very ‘Charlotte Olympia’, and the whole look is just a little bit different from the “wear to work/on your summer holiday” look I’ve come to expect from DP. These are more like the kind of thing you might wear out clubbing, say, or to the kind of event you’d make a bit more effort than usual for. I know this style of platform isn’t to everyone’s taste, but I like it – and I particularly like the glittered gold upper it’s attached to, which isn’t quite as sparkly as glitter, but still a bit more special than regular leather.

Just as the icing on the cake, these shoes are (at the time of writing) on sale for just £24.50. I’ve never tried this brand before, so have no idea what kind of quality you can expect for that kind of price, but I guess it doesn’t hurt to find out, especially if you happen to come across a free delivery code. (And if you do, please feel free to share it with the rest of us in the comments section – I can always be tempted to place a cheeky little Dorothy Perkins order, after all!)

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