Paper Dolls blue bow-print sandals

Paper Dolls blue bow-print sandals

Paper Dolls blue bow-print sandals, £45

Here’s another great brand that’s available to buy at Dorothy Perkins – they’re called Paper Dolls, and I’ve featured them a few times here before, although normally for dresses rather than shoes. It’s the shoes I’m concentrating on today, however, and if a new pair of sandals wasn’t the very last thing I need to buy right now, I’d be sorely tempted by these baby blue ones.

Other than the colour, which I absolutely love (and find really versatile, as it works well with almost any other pastel, as well as providing a nice contrast against colours like black, white or navy), these have a couple of other points of interest, too. The first is the bow, obviously, and you all knew as soon as you saw these that I was going to just love that bow, didn’t you? Well, you were right: it’s a great shape, and as much as I think single-strap sandals are often at their best when they’re kept totally simple, I think these ones are definitely improved by the bow. (I know it seem like I’d say that about ANY shoes, but actually, no – MOST shoes, perhaps, but definitely not ALL of them!)

Next up is the heel shape. It would’ve been so easy for them to have stuck with a traditional stiletto heel here (and it would’ve looked pretty good, too), but instead they’ve cone for a triangular shape, which is a fairly subtle difference, but one which also really improves the overall look of the shoe, and makes it much more interesting – and a touch more modern, too.

I’ve done enough gushing about these for now, so I’ll simply add that the price isn’t bad either, at just £45 – and I have quite a few dresses that these shoes would be just perfect with. I kinda wish I hadn’t looked now!

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