Friday Thursday Night Louboutin Fix: Christian Louboutin Margi Diams 120 sandals

Don’t worry, I didn’t forget what day of the week it is (although that wouldn’t be AT ALL unusual for me), it’s just that the Easter long weekend is a public holiday here in the UK, so I’m taking a couple of days off – and yes, I will be using at least one of those days to go shoe shopping!

I’m not cruel enough to leave you without your regular weekly Louboutin fix, though, so here’s a quick picture of the Margi Diams 120 sandals, which are £1,250 at Net-a-Porter (so it’s safe to say that these AREN’T the shoes I’ll be shopping for this weekend). These would make wonderful wedding or party shoes, but in the absence of either of those occasions, I’d have no problem whatsoever wearing them around the house.

If you’re on holiday this weekend, I hope you have a wonderful time, whatever you’re doing. And if not, don’t worry: Shoeperwoman will be back on Tuesday (if not before) with some more beautiful shoes for you!

Happy Easter!


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