Carvela’s Anisha pumps now available in blue, nude and white

Remember Carvela’s ‘Anisha’ pumps, which I showed you last September? If you do, you either have a better memory than I do for the shoes on this site (Seriously, I’ve already reached that stage where I’ll start writing about a particular shoe, only to discover that, whoops, I already covered it last year) or you loved those shoes as much as I did, so I make no apologies for showing you them again. I do, however, have an excuse: the Anisha pumps are now available in three new colours, two of which are shown above.

If you’re a regular reader, you’re probably expecting me to love the nude version of these, and you’re right, I do. I actually think I like the duck-egg blue colour even more, though: it’s a shade that’s a particular favourite of mine, and one you don’t really see a whole lot of in the footwear world, which makes it sufficiently unusual. The original version of these were black, with a bright yellow heel: these ones come with silver heels instead, and they’ll set you back £120. Get them here.


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