Schuh ‘Cherry Pie’ ankle strap polka dot sandals

Schuh Cherry Pie polka dot sandals

Well, these are just as sweet as cherry pie, aren’t they? And there was obviously no possible way for me to avoid saying that, once I’d read the name of them: sorry.

These are the latest offerings in my continuing quest to bring you shoes that don’t have skyscarper heels: these come in at 3.5″, which isn’t exactly “low”, either, but is still a good bit shorter than the 5″ platforms we see so much up, and isn’t it nice to see a cute design applied to a lower heel?

I , of course, like the polka dots, and I also like the little berry decoration on the toe (Which looks more like a blackberry than a cherry to me, but hey, let’s not pick hairs. Or even fruit.), which is something a little bit different.

They look nice on, too:

Schuh Cherry pie sandals

Fancy a pair? These are £45, and you can click here to buy them at Schuh.


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