Two tone low heeled brogues from Dorothy Perkins

Yesterday morning I paid a quick visit to the Dorothy Perkins website, and was instantly confronted with this:

Now, this is just cruel, isn’t it? I mean, a red, pleated skirt, and a stripey top? And they seriously expect me to resist this?

Well, no, they don’t: they want me to buy it, obviously. And, you know, I did my best. I clicked on the “shop now” link, to track down that skirt, and… it wasn’t there. Huh. I’m guessing it just hasn’t come into stock, yet. I did, however, find the shoes:

Now, even someone like myself, who is decidedly Not a Brogue Person, can see that these are cute. I love the two-tone upper, and the dapper feel of it, and I love the practicality of a closed, high-vamp upper for winter. I also like the price, which is £35: bargain! (Click here to buy them.)

I also found these:

I’ve said it before, but I may as well repeat it: suede and patent gets me every time. These have a very glam, daytime look about them, and I love the shape of the sides, which is a little different from your average court shoe. (Click here to buy them.)


Now, I don’t like t-bars on flats: I think they can look rather childlike, and while there are some women who call pull that off with aplomb, I’m not one of them. I do, however, love the colour of these shoes, and the bow is rather special, so those of you who ARE able to make a flat t-bar work, these are for you, and you can click here to buy them.

And the result of my looking at all of these shoes and skirts on the Dorothy Perkins website? I bought a pair of trousers. Oh.



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