Blink ‘Gafar’ tweed court shoes

OK, winter, you win: I will start thinking about shoes that are appropriate for your cooler climes, even although I’d much rather be thinking about summer.

These Blink shoes may not be summery, exactly (or even at all), but there’s still a lot to love about them. There’s the tweed upper, for one. Tweed never fails to make me think of 40s movies, leather gloves, jackets with nipped-in waists, pencil skirts… oh, lots of good things, basically. These shoes would fit seamlessly into that whole aethetic: they’re sophisticated, and just a little bit sexy, and the leather bow on the front provides a nice little finishing touch.

These have a pointed toe, but the hidden platform helps make it look a little less aggressive (or 80s-influenced) than some other pointed toes I could mention, and I think it actually works really well with this particular style of shoe.

When I first laid eyes on these, I assumed they were going to be expensive. They are, however, just £44 at Spartoo: click here to buy them.


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