Miss Selfridge ‘Whoop’ green wedges with glitter heel

Miss Selfridge green 'Whoop' wedges

I think green and gold has to be my favourite colour combination right now. Well, other than green and silver, I mean. Or green and black. Or green and white. Or green and…you can fill in the rest yourselves, can’t you?

Green and gold may not be my absolute favourite, then, but it’s been used to great effect on Miss Selfridge’s ‘Whoop’ wedges, which combine a suede-effect upper with a glitter covered heel. Generally speaking, I think glitter can tend to push a shoe firmly into the “special occasions only” category, but the very fine grain used on these shoes makes the effect quite subtle, and while you probably wouldn’t want to wear them to the office, say (Well, depending on the type of office, I guess. If Shoeperwoman HQ was a “proper” office, glitter heels would definitely be acceptable. In fact, they’d probably be required…) they’ll be perfect for after-work drinks, and similar occasions.

These are £45: click here to buy them at Miss Selfridge.

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