Marc Jacobs ‘Galactica’ glitter shoes

marc jacobs bow glitter shoes gold glitter shoes with bow

Marc Jacobs ‘Galactica’, $650

You can’t beat a bit of glitter if you want to give a shoe instant glamour, can you? I don’t often have a reason to wear a pair of glitter-encrusted shoes (or glitter-encrusted ANYTHING, for that matter), but despite that small fact, I just can’t seem to stop collecting them, and justifying it with the fact that they’re just SO PRETTY to look at. Well, people think nothing of spending money on ornaments to sit out on display: no reason why you shouldn’t do the same with shoes!

I’m (mostly) joking, of course: I firmly believe that beautiful shoes deserve to be worn, and these Marc Jacobs ‘Galactica’ pumps are definitely beautiful, with their dazzling upper and black satin bow. I could look at that top photo aaaallll day.

As far as wearing them, goes, they’ll obviously come into their own as occasional, and are actually pretty reserved compared to some shoes we’ve seen in this category, with the gold colour fairly muted. It’s the grossgrain bow that really steals the show here, though: it’s super-sized, super-dramatic and, well, just all round shoeper, really.

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