Valentino ‘Dia’ crystal and satin evening sandals

valentino Dia crystal and satin evening sandals

VAlentino 'Dia'

Valentino ‘Dia’ sandals, £831

These are the kind of shoes that I’d probably never have a good excuse to wear, but which I can’t help dreaming about anyway.

I mean, I GUESS I could wear them at my desk. Or while walking the dog through the Scottish countryside. But, as fun as that would be, it would really be a waste of such a beautiful pair of shoes (Especially if I went with the latter option: have you SEEN how muddy the countryside gets at this time of year?). Really, these belong on the feet of a beautiful bride. Or an elegant lady attending a glamorous ball. Or… a fairytale princess, maybe? (Oh, COME ON, you knew I’d mention fairytale princess as soon as you saw these, didn’t you? They’re just THAT kind of shoe.)

These have a 4.75″ heel, with a o.75″ platform, and there’s also a padded leather insole for extra comfort. the uppers, meanwhile, are mesh, covered in sparkling silver crystals, with a neutral satin heel, which will go with everything, and allow you to get maximum use out of them. Well, as much use as you can get out of crystal-covered sandals, anyway. They’re everything you would expect from a pair of Valentino evening shoes, in other words… which means the £831 price tag probably won’t come as TOO much of a surprise to you!

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