Shoe of the Day | Missguided ‘Carrie’ feather front sandals

feather front sandals

Missguided ‘Carrie’ feather-front sandals, £29.99

I used to hate anything with feathers attached to it. Well, anything except birds, obviously – and, to be completely honest, I wasn’t overly keen on them, either. Shoes or clothes with feathers, however, always struck me as impractical, overly fussy, and just a little bit creepy, somehow. Yes, I know that’s probably a bit strange of me, but it’s how I felt.

Notice the use of the past tense here, though. Over the last year or so, my feelings about feathers have changed, and instead of finding them creepy, I’m now finding myself rather partial to them – in a few, select cases.

These Missguided sandals are one of those cases. Attached to the front of a pair of black, single-strap sandals, these feathers look nothing but glamorous to me – and an evening shoe should be nothing but glamorous, don’t you think?

These shoes are just £29.99, and are also available in beige/taupe colour, but it’s the black version I’ve chosen to style here. It’s been a very good year for Missguided, whose shoe line is still relatively new, but which has already produced a few fabulous styles, all priced at a similarly low level. Here’s one way to wear these ones:

party outfit with feather sandals

dress // jacket // bag 

This outfit features yet another faux fur jacket: as you can probably tell, I’m really loving this trend! While this particular jacket probably won’t be warm enough to spend a lot of time outdoors in, it should be fine for an evening out, assuming you’ll only need it for the walk to and from your party venue. I’m a huge fan of elbow or bracelet-length sleeves, which I find very elegant, but if you need a little extra coverage, one of my favourite ways to wear them if with elbow-length gloves underneath: a pair of satin ones would look fantastic with this outfit!

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