The Ultimate Christmas shoes? Irregular Choice ‘Jingle’

Irregular Choice 'Jingle' Santa Claus Shoes -

Irregular Choice ‘Jingle’, £105

Someone once asked me why I don’t feature Irregular Choice very often – or own any of their shoes myself.

The answer to that one is simple: as much as I admire the creativity of the brand, and respect their popularity with shoe lovers all over the world, most of the designs just aren’t my style.

If ever there was a time to show you a good ol’ novelty shoe, however, this would be that time, because I think Irregular Choice just might have created the ultimate Christmas shoes. Well, nothing says ‘Christmas’ quite like Santa Claus, and yup, that’s whose holding up the heel on these ‘Jingle’ pumps!

These are the latest in a long line of ‘character’ pumps from Irregular Choice, all of which feature some kind of animal or other creature in place of the heel. The line has been incredibly popular, with IC fans eagerly waiting to find out what the brand will come up with next (One thing you can always guarantee is that it definitely won’t be boring, whatever it is!): these, however, are still in stock, and are also available in black, if the burgundy velvet isn’t for you.

Would I wear these myself? Well, as I said, they’re not quite my style (And I’d worry about squashing the poor little Santa figure under my heel!), so I haven’t styled an outfit to go with them. If you’re an Irregular Choice fan, however – or just a fan of these particular shoes – I’d love to hear what you’d wear them with!

santa shoes: the ultimate Christmas shoes

If you don’t fancy walking around with Santa on your shoes, meanwhile, perhaps you’d prefer Jambi, Fluffy Tail, Trixy or Disco Bunny?


  • These are a poor spend. You can only wear them one month of the year, and not even every day of that one month. And you couldn’t buy these anyway, you’d never be able to get rid of them thanks to the face…;)

    I have one pair of IC; I recently got rid of my second pair, as adorable as they are they’re also not my style either. They’re not refined enough for my style, I guess?

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