Luciano Padovan white, blue and fuchsia sandals

nautical sandals in red white and blue

Luciano Padovan sandals, £387.66

Shoe designers never tire of coming up with new twists on the ol’ red, white n’ blue theme, and I have to say, I never tire of the results: partly because this is one of the few “colourblocking” combinations that I think just works without any effort, (I might hesitate to wear three OTHER colours all together on the same shoe, but not these three) but also because shoes like this give me the perfect excuse to bust out my favourite summer fashion item, the LWD (Little White Dress):

little white dress

White dress, Zara, £45.99

I don’t own this exact dress, but I do seem to be collecting little white dresses alarmingly quickly these days. They’re a little high maintenance, and they tend to stand out more than the same dress would in black, or even print, but I love the fresh simplicity of them, and I also love the fact that they provide the perfect blank canvas for brightly coloured or hard-to-match shoes.

Not, mind you, that these would be “hard-to-match”, exactly. The colour scheme has switched pink for red, but the overall effect is still of that nautical feel that’s always so popular at this time of year, and which creates a very classic, preppy kind of look. Exchanging the red for pink makes the look a little fresher, while retaining the classic feel, and these should be just as easy to wear as their red/white/blue counterparts, even if you don’t happen to share my love of the LWD.

I don’t normally go for shoes with more than one buckle if I can help it, but I think the double fastening on these works well with the overall design.

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