Schuh ‘Colette’ cameo brooch court high heels

Black platform court shoes with cameo brooch

The classic black pump is one of the hardest shoes to get right. It shouldn’t really be this way. sure, they’re rarely the most interesting shoes in the world, but most of us will buy a pair at SOME point in our lives (I just totally made that “fact” up, by the way, but I’m willing to bet it’s true), so you’d think you’d be able to walk into just about any shoe store and find the perfect black pumps, just waiting for you, wouldn’t you?

It’s not so, though. In fact, the search for the PBP (Perfect Black Pumps) can be a long and hard one, fraught with peril, but luckily I’m here to make it a little easier on you by showing you these ‘Colette’ pumps from Schuh, which come with a cute little cameo brooch on the front.

Now, I adore these shoes. I love cameo brooches on anything, really, but attach one to a shoe and you get a particularly pleasing, vintage kind of look which is also a bit decadent, somehow. These also have a super-sexy arch, a nice, curvy heel, and are reasonably priced at £60.

“So, why aren’t you buying them, Shoeperwoman?” I hear you cry. Well, there’s just one problem: they’re too high. Yes, you read that right. And no, they’re not too high in the sense that I wouldn’t be able to walk in them, or don’t like the look of them: very much the contrary, in fact! But right now, I’m actually in the market for a slightly lower pair of black pumps: I have a couple of dresses and pairs of trousers which just don’t look quite right with platforms or very high heels, so while I may well buy the ‘Colette’ pumps one of these days, for now it’s actually these shoes which have gone onto my Wish List:

Black high heeled pumpsSchuh ‘Flynn’ court shoes, £60

Now, I know: these aren’t nearly as pretty or interesting, but it just so happens that they’re almost exactly what I’m looking for at the moment: a simple black pump with a pointed (but not too pointed) toe, and no platform. And, having tried them on in store this week, I can confirm that they’re actually much nicer in real life than they are in the photo, and the toe really isn’t as pointed as the angle makes it look.

I can tell you’re not convinced, though, so here’s the bright blue version, which I also love:

Blue suede shoesPerfect.


  • I actually prefer the second pair. The brooch on the first ones is really pretty, but I’m getting a bit tired of platforms. There really are some outfits which just don’t look good with platform shoes, plus a platformless shoe is always easier to walk in.

    • Yeah, I’m starting to lean that way myself, I must admit… I’ve been wearing a lot of cropped trousers lately, and platforms just don’t seem right with them, somehow: they need a thin sole and a longer toe!

  • I have just purchased the Schuh Flynn shoes in blue and I love them. Comfy and look stunning. However I did have to rub the soles on my outside wall as the sole is extremely smooth, which led to a slip and subsequent fall, on my face in, my living room. Nice.

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