ASOS HIPPIE SHAKE Leather Sandals With T-Bar Pom Pom Detail

First, I saw these:

ASOS hippie shake

Which are nice, if a little unremarkable.

Then, however, I came across this version:

ASOS Hippie Shake

Which is… a very different shoe, despite being an identical shape, no?

Now, I don’t mind the odd pom-pom on a shoe. Sometimes I even quite like them. These, however, are just a little much for me, and the two different versions of this shoe look a bit like the “before” and “after” shots for a DIY project gone wrong.

What do you think, though? Are the pom poms adorably cute n’ quirky, or do you prefer the “before” version?

BUY: ASOS Hippie Shake sandals, £85
Click here to buy them.

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