Zara red suede court shoes with pointed toes

Zara red suede court shoes

Further proof that the simplest shoes are sometimes the best: these red Zara courts are about as basic as it gets, and yet there’s absolutely nothing “basic” about the way they look. That bright red colour is always going to make a shoe stand out, but add in the sligtly curved heel (Which gives the shape an almost cartoonish feel: in a good way…) and the sweetheart shape of the toe, and I’m sold:

Red Zara court shoes

When I saw that these were only £39.99, I assumed the upper must be imitation suede, but nope, it’s the real thing, which makes them even more of a bargain. Better grab them, before they sell out!

BUY: Red suede Zara court shoes, £39.99
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