Pink t-bar sandals by Schutz

pink t-bar sandals

Schutz pink t-bar sandals, £123.99

I appear to be in something of a “pink, t-bar sandal” kind of mood today, because this is the second pair of shoes I’ve shown you that fit into that particular style. While the last pair were very much “party shoes”, however, these ones strike me more as a classic pair of summer sandals, which would look perfect with a sundress, regardless of the colour or style. Why yes, I AM very much looking forward to summer, thanks: what gave it away?

While that’s the look that instantly comes to mind, however, thanks to the neutral colour, these are really the kind of shoes which would work with almost anything: they’d look fabulous with a pair of rolled-up jeans or tailored shorts, but if you do want to wear them to the Christmas party, they’ll work just as well for that, with the silver trim making it easy for them to look dressy, rather than casual.

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