Kurt Geiger Miss KG ‘Fancy’ bow sandals

Kurt Geiger Miss KG 'Fancy' bow sandals

Kurt Geiger Miss KG ‘Fancy’ bow sandals, £75

OK, Kurt Geiger, stop it right now. Just stop it, with the amazing shoes, that I really, REALLY want to buy, but totally can’t afford to, so why am I even looking at them, seriously? Oh yeah: it’s because I’m a shoe blogger. I HAVE to look at pretty shoes every day. And I never thought I’d see the day when I’d view that as a BAD thing, but it can certainly be quite an expensive thing, that’s for sure. For instance, I think I’ve wanted basically the entire Kurt Geiger collection this summer – and THEN I made the mistake of going and checking out their discount site Shoeaholics, which was a BIG mistake, because now I have at least five more pairs on my wish list. (Word to the wise: don’t go there. Yes, the shoes are cheap, but the problem is, you end up wanting ALL of them…)

Anyway, today’s shoe is from the Miss KG line, and it’s ‘Fancy’ by name and fancy by nature. These sandals may well be “fancy”, however, but I don’t think they’re SO fancy that you wouldn’t be able to wear them fairly often. I mean, OK, maybe not to the office or whatever (unless you’re dress code is much more fun than mine ever were, obviously…), but these would look good with a summer dress, say, and the ankle straps will keep them fairly securely attached to the foot, so you never know, they might even be comfortable, too – we can but hope!

I love the nude upper on these, which will make them so versatile (I know the bow is lilac, but I don’t think it would present too many problems, either), but I REALLY love that little bow, which looks like the kind of thing you’d find on top of a beautifully-wrapped gift. Appropriate, no?

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