Nicholas Kirkwood black suede pumps

black suede pumps with art deco detail on toe

black high heel shoes

gold pin heels on shoes

“An era gone by is reinvigorated as Nicholas Kirkwood channels Art Deco chic.”

So says My Theresa, anyway, who’re selling these Nicholas Kirkwood pumps for 695 euros. I guess The Great Gatsby has a lot to answer for, huh?

Not that I’m complaining, mind you: I’m a sucker for anything that even hints at old fashioned glamour, and these shoes definitely have plenty of that. They’d be striking on their own, thanks to the delicate shape and slender, metallic heel, but the addition of the giant brooch (If that’s even the right word for it) on the toe, and transforms them from a nice pair of shoes into a really special pair of shoes.

Of course, special shoes come with a special price-tag, and it’s up to you to decide whether this particular pair is worth investing in. If you decide they are, you can find them here.


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