KG by Kurt Geiger black ‘Crystal’ wedges

KG by Kurt Geiger black 'Crystal' wedges

KG by Kurt Geiger black ‘Crystal’ wedges, £150

Want to wear heels, but worried you won’t be able to walk in them – or at least, not all day, anyway? Meet Kurt Geiger’s ‘Crystal’. These have all of the elegance and style of a pair of stilettos, and with a 4.5″ heel, they have all the height of them, too. Thanks to that wedge heel, though, which will distribute your weight evenly and lend some much-needed arch support, you probably won’t feel like you’re walking in very high heels, making these a good option for days when you want some extra height, but have to be on your feet for longer than you’d like to balance on your toes for.

I really like the patent/matte leather mix on these: they’d make a great pair of office shoes, but given that I don’t have an office to wear them to, I’m sure I could find some other excuse to wear them, too!

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