Dune ‘Desiree’ pink suede peep toes with metal heel

Dune 'Desiree' pink suede peep toes with metal heel

Dune ‘Desiree’ pink suede peep toes with metal heel, £115

I know I’ve said this a lot lately, but shoe fashions seem to have gone back in time a few years lately, and one of the things that reminds me of the styles of 2011/12 (ish) is the pin heel stiletto.

That style wasn’t exclusive to those particular years, of course – it’s something that existed long before that, and which can always be found if you look for it – but I seem to recall there being an awful lot of metal heels at that particular time, and now here they are again, popping up on these Dune ‘Desiree’ peep toes.

Now, I have to confess that metal heels have never been my favourite style in the world: I don’t strongly dislike them, but almost every shoe I see them on, I’d probably like better with a regular old stiletto. I’m going to make an exception for these ones, however: I think the slim, shiny heel really adds something to these shoes – it makes them a little more delicate looking, and gives them a lot more of that “wow” factor I’m always banging on about.

The upper contributes to that too, obviously: not only is it bright pink (Which always gets extra shoeper points for me: pink may not be my favourite colour of all time, but there’s something about a pair of pink shoes that’s somehow irresistible to me…), it’s such a lovely, curvy shape that it would be stunning in EVERY colour, really – and, for me, peep toe heels are one of the styles I’d most like to OWN in every colour, so it’s probably a good thing that they’re not putting too much temptation in my path, here!

These shoes are £115, and the kind of thing you could wear on summer days or winter evenings – another win!

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