Charlotte Olympia blue and gold sandals

Charlotte Olympia blue and gold sandals

Charlotte Olympia blue and gold sandals, £625

At first glance, I assumed the blue circles on these Charlotte Olympia sandals were supposed to be cherries. Now, that’s normally a great way to guarantee my attention (and my custom, if the price is right… which it definitely isn’t in this case, unfortunately), but I’m not sure blue cherries sound particularly appetising, so I’m relieved my first impression turned out to be wrong! Actually, this is just an unusual design, incorporating bright blue circles and gold “stems”, with a gold stiletto heel and ankle strap to match. It’s absolutely stunning: not only is the colour combination a winner in my book, the overall design is just so striking that I can’t help but stare at them.

These are from the Charlotte Olympia autumn/winter collection, but if you can’t quite bring yourself to think about winter footwear yet (To be fair, there’s really nothing wintry – or even autumnal – about these, so there would be no need to wait to wear them), ShoeScribe also currently have some of the spring/summer collection on sale. You may remember these shoes, for instance:

pink Charlotte Olympia shoes

I showed you these a while back, and they’ve now been reduced to £283 – not exactly “cheap”, but still more affordable than the original £565, that’s for sure!

I was also rather intrigued by these:

rainbow shoes

They’re a little bit busy for my personal taste (Or, OK, a BIG bit busy…) but one thing you can always say about Charlotte Olympia shoes is that they’re never boring! These are definitely very summery, and if you like a lot of colour in your life/wardrobe, they’ll definitely provide you with that! They’re also on sale, for £363, but size availability is limited, so I guess there must be quite a few people out there who loved them!

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