VICINI Rapalla red and black ankle boots

Black ankle boots with red heel

A black upper with a red heel is one of the fastest routes to a Shoeperhero’s heart, so these black suede Vicini boots were always going to be a favourite of mine! In addition to the colour combination, I also love the gold buttons, which give these a bit of a military feel (Why am I always drawn to military looks during the winter, but at no other time of year?) which has me itching to wear them with a full-skirted wool coat and a fabulous hat of some kind. I think the word “dapper” is probably the word I’m looking for here…

“Classic” is another word that describes these pretty well, and that’s a good thing, because at £388 I’d want to get a LOT of wear of them.

You can click here to buy these from Sarenza.


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