Silver glitter court shoes from Zara

It’s been, ooh, at least a week since I last showed you a pair of glitter shoes, so here’s a pair of pointy (yes, pointy: I know you hate them, but they’re back with a vengeance, so I’m wondering if we’ll all go through that process of getting used to them again, until we’ve come full-circle and are back to finding the pointy toes completely normal again?) toed ones from Zara.

Now, these shoes have taken a really serious beating from the glitter stick, which I think makes them look just a little “costume party”-esque. Still, they’ve very shiny, and that may well appeal to the magpies amongst you.

Does it, though? Click here if you answered “yes” – these are £69.99 at Zara.


  • I love those, and I love pointy shoes. I have a very short, stubby foot (eww) and love how they make your foot seem slimmer. I had a pait of ultra pointy ones back in Germany, and they were awesome. I don’t understand how people don’t like pointy shoes..

  • They are lovely, maybe a little evening, but nice ^_^
    I love every kind toe shape, about extreme pointy and extreme square ones!


  • Even for me, who wear what some people call “strange shoes…” – too much glitter… well, I could wear them, but they wouldn’t be my first choice when thinking of buying shoes now…

  • I don’t know when I’d ever wear that much glitter except Halloween, Christmas, or my own wedding, but the shape screams 1980’s to me. Having gone to high school in the 80’s, this is not a good thing (for me, at least).

  • I am actually enjoying pointy shoes more and more. They unfortunately upset my feet a bit. I also don’t own a single pair of glittery shoes, so these would fill that void. I’m not sure if it’s a void that needs filling.

  • I only really like round (ish) toes and a slight point on shoes, points and squares are kinda a no for me. These are nice, if they didn’t have the toes >.>

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