Friday Fix: Christian Louboutin ‘Hot Grey’ red peep toe sandals

red knot front sandals by Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin ‘Hot Grey’, £625

These sandals may not be “grey”, but they’re definitely red hot, don’t you think?

Knot-front shoes are one of my favourite styles, and, as with so many other shoe styles, Christian Louboutin does them particularly well. The front of these sandals reminds me of the ‘Greissimo’ peep toes, which have long been residing near the top of my Louboutin wish list, and which will always be one of the ones that got away, which perhaps helps explains my attraction to ‘Hot Grey’. These aren’t identical to ‘Greissimo’, but they’re almost as beautiful, with the knotted front giving way to a delicate ankle strap and slim stiletto heel.

The red upper, meanwhile, is a perfect match for the sole, and makes these a real statement shoe. I’m a firm believer in the power of a bright red shoe to transform any outfit, and if you don’t own a pair yet, you really couldn’t go far wrong with these, assuming you’re willing to view them as something of an investment. Trust me: once you’ve worn them with everything from your oldest jeans to your prettiest party dress, you’ll soon know what I mean!

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