Fendi ‘Viola’ multicolour sandals

Blue grossgrain sandals with colurblock detail by Fendi

Oh, Viola! How I wish I had an excuse to wear you, right now! You look so beautiful, with your multicoloured swirl, and your slender stiletto, and I’d just love to take you dancing! Aaaaand, I’m speaking to a shoe now, so not being able to wear these is probably the very LEAST of my worries, isn’t it?

These shoes looked rather out of place on the Saks website, amongst all of the huge platforms and other modern shapes: they seem to have come from some bygone age, and that’s a huge part of their appeal for me. I also love the fact that the blue pair reminds me of the ocean, with those green and blue “waves” rising out of the toe!  I would probably have liked them even more if they’d been slingbacks rather than ankle straps, but I’d be happy to wear them just the way they are, too.

These are by Fendi, and are £482: click here to buy them.


  • Those are lovely. But unfortunately, weather.com is telling me that I am unlikely to see the sun until mid-October, by which point I will have to put my sandals away due to cold. Although…I could just keep these atop my dresser or desk all winter reminding me that eventually summer will come and I will get to wear them. But I guess these are a bit too expensive for a paperweight.

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