ASOS ‘Caramel’ knee high suede boots

I’ve mentioned before here that it takes quite a lot to get me excited about a pair of boots. Well, here’s a great example of what does it: these ASOS knee-highs may not have the bright colour or dramatic shape of some of the boots I’ve lusted over this year, but they don’t need to, because they’re perfect just the way they are!

With the slightly 70s feel suggested by the high platform, and the gorgeous brown suede, these have a wonderfully Autumnal feel to me: in fact, I have a brown tweed jacket that’s just begging to be worn with them! I’d add a floppy felt hat to finish off the look, and while a maxi skirt also sounds tempting, the fact that maxi skirts make me look like I’m in a costume drama would probably lead me towards an A-line instead. Possibly in cord, or some other cosy fabric.

Now that I’ve created a whole (imaginary) outfit around these, it really seems a shame not to buy them. I’ve sworn off shoe shopping at least until the end of the month, though, so I’ll simply tell you to click here if you want to buy them instead.


  • For me it’s the contrary, I feel like “oooh, boots, boots, yes, please!” – so, a very “euphoric” way when I see boots! I loooved these ones, a bit like the new Office ones – I’ll be out tomorrow checking them on Oxford Street…
    These ones are really great, but I must confess, this little town now transformed me a bit… always when I think of the height of the platform I must think of the slope I have to walk down here… (up is not a problem), and this puts me off… but really, amazing boots!

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