Charlotte Olympia Croissant metallic sandals

gold platform sandals with croissant detail shoe

Charlotte Olympia ‘Croissant’, £645

Even when she’s making a toned-down (for her, anyway) strappy gold sandal, you can always leave it to Charlotte Olympia to include a quirky little detail of some kind. In this case, it comes in the form a gold croissant on the toe. Yes, you read that right: that is, indeed a croissant you see on the front of this shoe, and although you COULD argue that it’s a little unusual to want to wear a pastry on your toes (And actually, when you put it THAT way…), I think this looks far less strange than you might think: in fact, it wasn’t until I saw the close-up photo that I even realised what I was looking at – I thought it was just some kind of fancy brooch, so I suspect these would be easier to get away with than many other Charlotte Olympia designs I could mention. They’d be WAY easier to wear than these, for instance:

pink poodle shoes

As much as I love poodles (And shoes, and Charlotte Olympia), I think I’d have to pass on this one, even if it wasn’t already sold out. I have to admit, though, I’d absolutely LOVE to see someone actually wearing these!

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  • What do you know? A pair of COs I actually like (the croissant, not the poodle, in case anyone wasn’t sure).

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