Jerome C. Rousseau Kier Iridescent Sandals

Jerome C Rouseau glitter shoes

Jerome C. Rousseau Kier Iridescent Sandals, $795

I thought we may as well kick off the week the way we’d like to continue it – wearing the most amazing footwear we can find!

And, OK, I’m not actually wearing these shoes.I mean, I’m sitting at my computer right now, and don’t tell anyone, but I might still be in my workout gear. (And there’s also the small matter of me not actually owning them…) In my mind, though, I’m somewhere much more fabulous, where silver, glitter-covered sandals aren’t just “appropriate”, they’re positively required.

But enough daydreaming.

I’ve been really loving Jerome C. Rousseau lately: this is one brand that can always be relied on to do something interesting (often involving glitter!) with the shape of a shoe, and while I don’t even know quite how to describe the double loops on the front of this one, I do applaud them for making it work!

[But them]

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  • Have never heard of this person before! I can’t quite figure out the loops either, but kudos for the glittery shoe 🙂

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