Miss Selfridge ‘Saviour’ navy art deco heels

Miss Selfridge navy peep toe heels

Miss Selfridge ‘Saviour’ navy art deco heels, £55

Ah, navy! One of my favourite of the darker shades on the colour wheel, and up until a few years ago, it actually wasn’t the easiest colour to find in footwear. Happily, there’s now a fair bit of it around, but I still have a tendency to pounce on any particularly nice examples of the shade, and these Miss Selfridge peep toes are one of them.

These lighten alternate navy stripes with lighter blue ones, with a gold trim and platform to give it a bit of a luxe feel. The heel is also worth taking note of here:

gold high heel shoes

The gold stripe on the heel is a nice touch, don’t you think?

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