Jeremy Scott for Adidas winged ballet flats

winged heel ballet flats wings

Jeremy Scott for Adidas winged ballet flats, £120

Well, I guess that’s ONE way to feel like you have wings on your heels!

Not being a fan of either sports shoes (Which are a necessary evil) or Jeremy Scott (Who’s just plain evil.) (I’m joking, I’m sure he’s a lovely man.), the Jeremy Scott for Adidas  collection has pretty much passed me by. I made an exception for these, though, because:

a) They’re not sneakers, which is one point in their favour already

b) Wings. On the heels. You have to at least pause to LOOK at something like that, no?

In my case, pausing and looking is all I’ll be doing here. I love nude shoes, as most of you know, but it’s actually the colour, rather than the wing detail, that bothers me about these. This shade would be very close to skin-toned on me, and I feel like that fact would create the impression that the wings were growing out of my ACTUAL heels, rather than just the heels of my shoes. I guess that might be a selling point for some people, but not for me: not even if they knocked the extra digit off the price tag.

What are your thoughts on these? They’re a little more interesting than your average ballet flats, but is that a good thing or a bad one?

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  • Wow!! I’ve always wanted to have winged shoes!! It’s true, though, that the colour doesn’t make them seem very exciting, I wouldn’t want them to blend in too much. I’d want wings like that to stand out! 😉 Due to the price tag though, I will stick firmly in the “drooling over them” category.

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