Shoe Kryptonite: Karen Millen tan and black bow peep toes

black and tan peep toes with bow

bow peep toe shoe

Karen Millen bow peep toes, £125

OK, I don’t normally do this, but you’ll have to excuse me for a moment while I yell…


(I resisted adding multiple exclamation points to that last word. Only just, though.)

These shoes are the most dangerous type of kryptonite there is: they’re just too expensive for me to really be able to justify right now (Especially given my ongoing attempt to save some money), but they’re not SO expensive that they’re totally out of reach. If they were a couple of hundred pounds more expensive, say, I’d simply look longingly at them and then dismiss them as total fantasy shoes. At this price, though, they will remain in the back of my mind, trying to convince me to break down and buy them, which means they’re not just dangerous, they’re positively LETHAL.

I will be strong. I will not allow these shoes to get the better of me. Instead, I’ll simply appreciate the perfection of that oversized bow, and note – as if it even needs to be said – that the black and tan colourway is sophisticated, stylish, and one of my personal favourites.

I kind of wish I hadn’t found these now…

Buy them


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