Dolce & Gabanna 170mm woven raffia wedges

red raffia platform wedges

Dolce & Gabanna wedges, £1630

Well, if you weren’t feeling totally awake before you looked at this photo, you probably are now, huh?

These shoes aren’t to my taste AT ALL, to put it mildly. In fact, they remind me of a fairground ride, and not in a good way. (IS there a “good way” for shoes to remind you of a fairground ride? I’m just not sure.) But they fall into that category of “shoes I don’t like personally, but which just have to be featured because there’s nothing quite like them”. In my case I’m glad there’s nothing quite like these, because between the bright red colour, the raffia upper, the flowers and the cut-outs, this is definitely whole lot of look. It’s a whole lot of money, too: these are £1630, which boggles my mind a little, because they’re not exactly the most versatile shoes out there, and that would be a lot of money to spend on ANY footwear, let alone something which would be likely to get limited use.

Still, that’s all just my personal opinion. One woman’s Lex Shoether is another woman’s kryptonite, and I’m sure there’s someone out there who’ll absolutely love these. If that person is you, you can find them at Louisa Via Roma: enjoy!

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