Harajuku Lovers ‘Abilly’ suede wedges with heart peep toes

These shoes were pointed out to me by reader Ellen, who suggested they might be a slightly more subtle option for those of us who like to wear our hearts on our shoes! I completely agree, and while I still think Alexander McQueen did heart-shaped peep toes best, these ones are at least significantly less pricey at just $39.99.

If I could wish for one thing with these, it would be a selection of brighter colours, but if you’re looking for a low-heeled grey or black wedge, you can find these here.


  • heart shoe love 2.0! i feel they are sweet -n -subtle in their demure grey/black mode
    shoeperwoman truly does have shoe power cause i have found myself lovin’ some heart shoes AND the odd pink one too (my nearest and dearest would swear this was an imposter as i am so not a pink or heart girl usually lol)

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