Faith ‘Clippy’ court shoes with zips

Yeah, I know: it’s a ruffle with a zip on it. Haven’t seen THAT before, have we?

Sarcasm aside, the “ruffle-trimmed-with-a-zip” look doesn’t seem to be going anywhere fast, and more than one shoe designer seems to have wholly abandoned themselves to it lately. Faith are the latest brand aboard the bandwagon, with these ‘Clippy’ court shoes, and as much as I’m starting to find the zip/ruffle thing a little bit tired, I just can’t dislike these: not when they’re bright blue, suede, and cute. (And the black’s not bad either.) These also come with another benefit: a heel which is that bit lower than the usual skyscrapers, although it’s still not exactly what you’d call “low”.

Like them? If you do, they’re £55 from here.

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