Jade satin ‘Alana’ shoes from Monsoon

Monsoon say these ‘Alana’ peep toes of theirs would be “perfect with a party dress”. Well, they won’t get any argument from me there: and hey, any excuse to buy a new dress is a good excuse as far as I’m concerned! As “party” shoes go, though, these ones are particularly delicious, and the rosette detail on the toe makes them look a little bit like they’ve been gift wrapped. I can’t think of many better gifts than a pair of shoes: if you’d like to treat yourself to these ones, they’re £55 and you can buy them here.


  • I work in Monsoon! I LOVE to stand there and look at these when I work. They’re actually a much brighter shade of green than you can see in the colour and the little platform at the bottom is patent which makes them a bit different.
    They are proper lovely!

  • Dear ladies.
    I´m looking for a pair of shoes, colour jade, as this, but with no flower on top, and if possible not a peep toe. Any sugestions? Thanks for your help

  • heey !
    I SOOO want this pair of shoes for my wedding!! i can’t find them here in Mexico if any AAANY of you could tell me how could i buy them from here i’d appreciate it from the bottom of my heart! i still have some time to get them cuz my wedding its until october,
    thanks for reading me!

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