ALDO ‘Sherly’ blue suede shoe boots

Aldo Sherly shoe boots

Aldo ‘Sherly’ shoe boots, £80

When it comes to boots, be they knee-high, thigh-high, ankle-high or otherwise, Aldo are one of the best brands on the high street – in my opinion, at least.

Why? Well, because they can almost always be relied on to come out with something a little bit different from what everyone else is doing: fun colours, interesting patterns, great shapes… the list goes on. And no, I promise I’m not being paid to say all of this!

These ‘Sherly’ shoe boots are a good example of all of the above. The sky blue colour is one we rarely ever see on boots (These also come in black, if you feel that would be more practical), and it’s amazing to see what a difference a shot of colour can make. These are also nicely designed: with shoe boots, I think it’s important that the shape be skeel, elegant, and fit close to the foot and ankle – no slouching allowed! These fulfil that criteria, and hit just below the ankle bone, which is the perfect spot to allow them to be worn with either skirts/dresses or trousers. The silver zip at the front, meanwhile, adds a small point of contrast, and gives them a bit of an edge, working well with the sharp, pointed toe.

I do have one criticism, though: Aldo describe these as “shooties”, which is a word I can barely type without cringing. Let’s just stick to “shoe boots”, and have done with it, yes?

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