Pour la Victoire green suede ‘Volkova’ ankle boots

green suede ankle boots

Pour la Victoire green suede ‘Volkova’ ankle boots, $330

Green suede boots are always guaranteed a mention here any time I stumble across them: well, anything green, suede and footwear related is guaranteed a mention here, but boots in particular, because as I’ve mentioned, they’re so much harder to find.

Snake print, on the other hand, has never been my favourite print, so I’d probably like these Pour la Victoire boots even better without the addition of it on the platform and heels, but I’m willing to overlook it on this occasion, because green! Suede! Er, ankle boots! We have to take them however we can get them, shoeperstars!

As far as these ones go, I’m actually not going to be taking them anywhere, because they’re $330. Should a suitable high street version become available at some point, though, I’ll be aaaall over them….

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