ShoeperStar: Adele wears ALDO ‘Troiano’ to the 2012 Grammy Awards

Adele at the 2012 Grammy Awards

She may not have worn them with this particular dress (which was the only one my image agency had available, unfortunately!), but those of you who were watching The Grammy Awards on TV last night may well have caught a glimpse of Adele’s black suede pumps, with the shorter dress she wore on stage. Those shoes were ALDO’s ‘Troiano’ pumps, which are just £75, and are also available in red and beige.

Isn’t it refreshing to see a celebrity wearing a pair of shoes from the high street, for a change? And I’m going to take a wild guess here, because I can’t possibly know for sure, but I bet Adele’s shoes actually fit her, too…

Click here to buy a pair of these for yourself.



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