Shoeper Standoff: Rihanna & Alicia Keys in Christian Louboutin Bis un Bout at the 2012 Grammy Awards

Rihanna and Alicia Keys at the 2012 Grammy Awards

Oh no! Celebrities in “Same Shoes Shocker!”

I jest, of course: Rihanna and Alicia Keys may both have worn Christian Louboutin’s ‘Bis Un Bout’ pumps to the Grammy Awards last night – and they may both have worn them with black, v-neck dresses, too – but that’s where the similarities end, and both women ended up with very different looks.

Which do you prefer, though? When I first saw the product shot for these shoes, I wasn’t particularly impressed, not being a big fan of the “clear plastic on shoes” look, but seeing them on a foot has actually started to sway my opinion a little: I like the barely-there, cap-toe effect, which I think looks much better in real life than in the photo. What do you think?



  • I think in this case the clear plastic is a good substitute for a normal ‘tan’ shoe. The ‘nude’ effect is better this way, and I guess it works well because they’re not too shiny.

    Me like! I think I prefer Alicia’s ensemble, that neck piece is stunning! (don’t like the hair though)

  • I like them better on, I wasn’t convinced when I saw them at first either. I think I like Rihanna’s look, mostly because Alicia Keys’ legs are a bit chunky for that dress. Which is a shame because she is just stunning. Maybe it’s just the effect of the ankle strap.

  • I love Alicia Keys’s outfit and the neck piece is gorgeous. I think Rihanna is just childish and cheap beside ms Keys who is elegant and looks mature.

    The shoes don’t really grab any attention in these outfits. They look good though.

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