Celebrity Big Brother: Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff in Carvela ‘Glam’ platform glitter shoes

Did anyone watch the launch of  the UK’s Celebrity Big Brother last night?

I haven’t watched the show for years, but I do like to tune in for the launch shows – partly out of curiosity, and partly just to see what everyone’s wearing! (And, OK, this year it was partly because I knew Twitter would become obsessed with it, and I figured I may as well know what everyone’s talking about for a change!).

For me, by far the most interesting moment was the entrance of Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff, wearing the Carvela ‘Glam’ platforms I showed you a couple of weeks ago:

When I showed you these, I said I’d really love to see someone wearing these, and this was my chance! I think there are really two options with a shoe like this: either you play it down, with a demure dress or a pair of jeans, or you just play it up to the max. Pamela took the second option, with a sparkly mini dress, which was only slightly longer than most of my tops, but which she managed to pull off, thanks to her effervescent personality.

As for the shoes, well, they really stole the whole show, didn’t they? I think all eyes were on her feet as she tottered up the runway: even Shoeperman commented on them, before anything else!

Of course, if you watched the show, you’ll probably know that the only issue with these was that “totter” is the operative word here, and Pamela really seemed to be struggling to walk in them, with the stairs to the Big Brother house being a particular problem:

I’m a big advocate of not wearing shoes you can’t walk in, because no matter how gorgeous they are, when it comes to footwear, few things look worse than someone who can’t stand up in her own shoes. Still, these are amazing shoes, and I wonder if Carvela have seen a higher than usual demand for them after their TV appearance? (You can still buy them at Sarenza if you want a pair.)

Finally, I wouldn’t be Shoeperwoman if I didn’t make brief mention of Tara Reid’s Louboutins:

[Images: Fame]


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