Friday Fix| Christian Louboutin ‘Amurabotta’ red knee high boots

Christian Louboutin red knee high boots

Christian Louboutin ‘Armurabotta 120’, $1,795

WARNING: This post may contain a LOT of gushing. I mean, I’m trying to restrain myself here, but I’m not doing a very good job, and seriously, can you blame me? It’s not often I declare a pair of boots to be Shoe Kryptonite, but when I do, those boots are almost always by Christian Louboutin, and they’re almost always bright red. It must be my inner Shoeperhero making herself heard, because if ever there was a pair of boots fit for a superhero, I think we can all probably agree that these boots would be it, no? Just imagine them with a bright blue jumpsuit if you don’t believe me. Er, OK, maybe skip that idea…

(It’s just occurred to me that if I DID have a bright blue jumpsuit, I could wear these boots with it for Halloween next year, and justify their purchase that way. Great plan, huh? Now all I need to do is convince ShoeperMan that it’s TOTALLY worth spending $1,795 on a Halloween costume…)

As for what you WOULD wear these with.. .honestly, who cares? LOOK at them? No one will notice what you wear with them: these babies will be the centre of attention wherever they go, and will probably make you FEEL like a superhero, regardless of what else you’re wearing. The fact that the sole will perfectly match the upper just makes them even better!

Buy them here

The Friday (Louboutin) Fix is ShoeperWoman’s weekly indulgence in footwear from her favourite designer. TGIF, everyone!


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