Casadei Crystal Lovers limited edition Swarovski crystal sandals

These shoes cost £4,860 (about $7,860). That’s almost what I paid for my CAR. And while they’re certainly very pretty, in a “look, we’re completely covered in crystals, and cost as much as a secondhand car!” kind of way, all I see when I look at them now are the other things I could get for that price. Like a really good holiday, say. Or every pair of Kurt Geigers I’ve coveted this year (trust me, that’s a lot of shoes). Hell, I could even have a few pairs of Louboutins for that price, and at least I know I’d be able to wear them without fear of being mugged for them. 

Of course, all of that’s missing the point somewhat, because these shoes weren’t made with people like me and you in mind: they were made for people who wouldn’t even miss that £4,860, and who mix in the kind of circles where a pair of crystal-covered sandals would be entirely appropriate wear.

If that sounds like you:

a) Want to go shopping sometime?

b) Click here to buy them.


  • Ooh, I think they’re fabulous. I’d never spend that kind of money on them either, but if there was a “designer inspired” knock-off for a more affordable price (translation: downright inexpensive), I’d definitely at least consider buying them. 🙂

  • These remind me of Olympic rings. Frankly, being from Vancouver has made me very sick of the Olymics in general. I’d pass on these.

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