Teal platform pumps from Tilly’s

Well, it looks like today is “Teal Day”: this is the second pair of shoes/boots I’ve shown you today in this particular colour, but it’s such a beautiful colour I wouldn’t complain if there was even more of it around, would you?

Actually, the colour is pretty much the only reason I’m showing you these shoes: they’re otherwise unremarkable (although I am also partial to this particular shape of toe, which is pointed, but reasonably short, so you don’t get that “witchy” effect a very long pointed toe can create): I know absolutely nothing about this brand, so I can’t tell you what the quality will be like, but the shoes are only £20, so if you’re a fan of teal, you may just consider it worth taking a chance on them.

If you’re not a fan of teal, meanwhile, they also come in variety of other uppers, including purple suede (or faux-suede: you’re obviously bot going to be getting the real stuff for £20), and you can view them all here.


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