DUO ‘Belice’ red knee high boots

red knee high boots

Like many (and perhaps even most) of you, I have a hard time finding knee-high boots which fit properly in the calf. Most boots end up looking like wellies on me, and I’m sure this is one of the reasons I’ve always preferred shoes to boots ( It’s also the main reason why almost all of my boots are either ankle, mid-calf of thigh-high): it’s just so much easier to find the right fit.

DUO aim to solve this problem by offering their boots in a wide selection of calf widths: you can even buy a pair that are made to measure. Not only do they provide the perfect fit, however, when I checked their website yesterday, I discovered they also have the perfect red boots, in the shape of the red, knee-high ‘Belice’. This is exactly the kind of red boot I’ve been looking for: the heel is high, but not too high to walk in, the leg is slim and simple, there are no strange embellishments or other details to detract from the streamlined design. They’re just the perfect red boots, which is a little bit like finding the Holy Grail, as far as I’m concerned!

There’s one problem, though: as you’d expect with a bespoke service, the boots aren’t cheap: this particular style is £180, which is a little out of my price range, although if you also have problems finding boots which fit properly, I’m sure it would be well worth saving up for such an investment piece!

Click here to visit the DUO website.


  • I have large calf’s and really struggle to find boots that fit. I’ve only got one pair right now and they are becoming rather outdated with a super pointy toe! Thanks so much for recommending this site! I will definitely be saving up for a pair!

  • These really are perfect. I have the same problem as you, so I usually have to tuck my skinnies into my boots to make them look acceptable. With tights they look just like wellies.

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