Shoe of the Day | Dune ‘Marlborough’ gold glitter wedges

Dune 'Marlborough' gold glitter wedges

Dune ‘Marlborough’ gold glitter wedges, £69

Every single year, I spend weeks on end searching for the perfect pair of gold wedges, which I then proceed to wear to death over the course of the summer, leaving me in need of a new pair by the next year. And so the whole process begins again…

Why do I love gold wedges so much? For me, they’re the perfect summer shoe – especially when it comes to vacation time. They’re comfortable enough to wear all day, but still high enough to elongate the leg and add a bit of height, and the colour and style allows them to be worn with every item of clothing in my suitcase, from evening dresses to casual shorts. They’re a summer essential, but although they seem like the kind of shoe you’d be able to pick up almost everywhere, that’s not always the case – hence my ongoing search.

This year, however, that search is over almost before it began: I’m totally in love with Dune’s ‘Marlborough’ wedges, which have the added advantage of a glittery upper, which makes them a toucj more special than some of their counterpart. That sparkly gold fabric isn’t too much for daytime wear, however, so these should still be pretty versatile: or here’s hoping, anyway!

green mini dress and gold wedges

dress / hairband / necklace / bangle

This particular style of short, A-line dress is popping up everywhere this spring/summer, and definitely makes a big change from the longer hemlines which have dominated over the past couple of years. It’s another style that I think will come into its own in summertime: I don’t often wear short dresses, but a hot day is the perfect excuse for one, and I’m loving the 60s-inspired silhoettes dresses like this create. This one is another Oasis find: if you haven’t checked it out yet, their current collection is well worth a look!

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