Miss Selfridge ‘Wonder’ black embellished wedges

Black embellished wedge heel shoes

It looks like the trend for embellished heels has most definitely filtered its way down to the high street: just take a look at  these!

Embellished heels on wedge shoesThese are from Miss Selfridge, and are £85, which is a little more expensive than we’ve come to expect from this brand, but understandable given the amount of embellishment on the heels. I see crystals, silver studs, black jewels… a LOT of bling, basically. These are definitely not your everyday wedges, for that very reason: I’m assuming the various pieces of flair are all securely attached, but you’re not going to want to risk dislodging them by trudging around the streets in them every day. For a special occasion, though, they’re definitely a special shoe, and the front is demure enough to balance out the heels rather nicely.

What do you think of them?


  • I’m struggling to wear a pair of embellished shoes, with the stones – uh, plastic – on the upper part, so I think these ones would be easier to wear without so much fuss, and still, they are eye catchers, no doubt!

  • I would have liked these better without the platform. To me it looks as if somebody stepped into wet cement or glue and then walked through pebbles, which got stuck to the sole.
    But the general idea is very nice.

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