PASTEL T-Bar Gem Detail Ankle Strap Sandals from Topshop

I think Topshop have gone just a little too far with this one. Bows OR pearls OR crystals might have worked. Hell, even a combination of just two of those things might have worked (although ideally not the crystals: they remind me too much of the ones on those Prada chandelier shoes from earlier this year, and I’d rather not be reminded of those shoes too often if that’s OK with everyone…), but all three of them? Not for me. Or, in other words, cut off everything but the bow, and we may have ourselves a deal, Topshop, but until then, my £120 remains safely in the bank.

(Click here to buy them)


  • Sorry to remind of the chandlier shoes again, but I’d leave crystals on those I think) I even posted once a collection of images of those Pradas, but shhhh…
    Back to Topshop sandals, maybe they mean that you can detach parts of the decorations (crystals apart, bow apart, pearls apart)? So you actually have 7 ways to wear them (not counting the pictured above).

  • They look so cheap. You know the rule about looking in the mirror and taking off an accessory… those shoes would have to go? Pretty awful.

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